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How To Make Sure Your Website Leaves an Impression

The impression your website leaves on a client is very important to your brand. With technology constantly changing, websites need to stay up to date in order to achieve a successful online presence. An effective website is not only visually appealing but is also simple for it’s visitors to navigate.

With the invention of cell phones and tablets, it became a necessary requirement to have a responsive web design. It is important to make sure your website can be viewed with ease no matter the size of the device it is viewed on. This can mean allowing the structure of the website to change with the size. Items like navigation can be condensed to a drop down menu so that it is easier to navigate on smaller devices.

Minimalism is also very important to having a clean, user friendly websites. If you are inserting images into your website, consider using a slideshow or another type of gallery to display them without crowding your page. While design trends are always changing, flat design and the use of open space has become very popular.

While your content is also very important, the way you display your content is essential to making sure your website is user-friendly. Along with flat design, the use of sans-serif fonts has become a popular trend. Sans-serif fonts tend to be easier to read, especially for longer content like body copy. Serif fonts are better used for things like headers and sub headers.

If you have not recently updated your website, you may need to think about doing so. The impression your website leaves on your clients will make or break your connection with them.

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