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Logo Design and Your Brand

Before we discuss how to make a logo effective, one must understand what a logo is. A logo is simply an arrangement of elements that sole purpose is to identify and convey a specific visual message. It will be the face of your brand which in return effects your business.

So, when considering logo designs, keep basic principles in mind. Principles such as Simplicity, Verisimilitude. A logo must be simple and memorable which allows for easy recognition among the public.

You must also be aware of how it looks at a distance. An effective logo will be able to be recognized on something the size of billboard as well as something as the size of a stamp.

Another thing to consider is how your logo will look printed in color verses black and white. It is always a smart decision to design your logo black and white first. This allows you to focus more on the shape and form rather than be distracted by the color.

Think of your logo as the symbol or icon for your brand. Not only should be visually pleasing but it should also be an accurate representation of what your brand is about. Your logo could be your first impression with your client, make it a good one.

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"I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things."

Lindon Leader

"The best icons are more like traffic signs than graphic illustrations."

Susan Kare