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How To Use Typography

Typography is also a very important element of design. Like color, type can be used to communicate a message to your customers and it can communicate the tone, voice and personality of your company.

First you must understand the different kinds of type. A serif typeface is one that has decorative short lines stemming from the strokes on a letter. Sans literally means without, so a sans serif is a typeface that does not have these decorative lines on its strokes.

Because of its curves, sans serif typefaces are generally seen as more feminine, while serifs are more masculine. It is important to consider this when choosing a typeface. Curves can also be seen as more playful and fun, while slim and clean type can communicate a more serious message.

Hierarchy is also something to consider to when organizing type. The size and weight of your type should reflect the importance of your message. You wouldn’t want the title of your event to be in a 12 pt, italic font at the bottom of your page. Typography can be used to isolate information to make it easier to read.

Consistency is also very important when arranging typography. Contrast can often be a good thing, but you should always consider how to type looks in relationship to the other type around it. When done well, combining different typefaces can be a very effective way to communicate hierarchy.

"Typography is a two-dimensional architecture, based on experience and imagination, and guided by rules and readability."

Hermann Zapf