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Logo Trends

From Google to Verizon, there is a growing trend that isn’t hard to notice; they have all changed their logos in some way or another. No longer are the days of bulky bold logos. But here are the days of Kiss, (keep it simple stupid). Now, what could be the reasoning for this? According to an article written by Bill Gardner, (President, Gardner Design and founder, Logo Lounge), “pure geometry is much more evident in the foundation components of in logos.”

Trends are set to make changes to the look and feel of designs for marketing purposes, in order to keep audiences interested. Many of the trends that have found their way into the scene include slices, lines, dashes, and even corners. One can look at the Netflix logo and notice that their look has gone form white and red typography to a folded N design that supports a red and black sleek design.

Designs change, they come and go, but it always borrows from itself from the past. Will the past designs return or will the next trend be much more complicated? Only time will tell.

For more information check out Bill Gardner's Article "2016 Logo Trends Report Sees Simplicity As King"

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