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SEO & My Business

The internet has enabled us to find exactly what we are looking for. Whether it's a definition to a word or directions to the new pizza joint in town. When we type in a question or name of the business, we automatically get presented with the top list of answers on Google. How is this possible? How is it that the Internet knows exactly what we had in mind while providing us the correct information to our searches? The answer lies within the search engines we use every day.

These websites are called a Search Engine Optimizer. This program does exactly what it's name entails. The SEO searches through worlds of information and provides a list of the most accurate data. This means that the higher the rank of data, the higher the probability that people will click on the link. In short, you could see why it is very important for your business to be in one of the top five or even on the first page. The more people that see your site online, the more business you will get.

How do you get your business to be on the top five or on the first page? Well the most important is content; words matter. Your business should provide the most accurate content on the services that you provide. Using common searched words and reliable content riases the probability that when users search certain material, the SEO will lead them to your website due to your placement of key search words embedded in your content. Titles of your webpages matter as well, make sure that official title has common search words and is coded into your webpage. This will allow the search engine to find your pages more easily.

Finally, the most common way is to add links to other webpages on your site. Make sure these links have a good reputation, they must be fresh and engaging such as blogs. Stay clear from any bogus website links; some webpages add insufficient links in order to trick the engine into placing them in some of the top rated searches.

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"Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first."

Wendy Piersall