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New Year: New Design

Entering the new year everyone has a New Year’s Resolution, so why not makes some design resolutions? So long bad kerning,stretched font, and horrible gradients; hello to appropriate spacing, unaltered font, and flat design!

Last year’s design trends featured bright colors, flat illustration, and geometric patterns. Usually designers like to combine the three into an edge layout with a neutral color palette that allows the bright color to “pop”. There has been a slight shift towards the patterns of the past, such as the early 70's. A lot of design incorporates illustrations have made a throw back to retro memorabilia as well as a pixilated design format. This format corresponds with the style used by designers of retro video games.

Trends stick due to popular demand. Only time will tell where this years trending designs may lead, but there is one thing we know for sure. It is that we are responsible for what is out and what sticks. Let’s go 2017, bring on the design!

For more information, check out this article about 2017 design trend predictions "2017 Design Trends: Predictions from Top Creatives"

"I predict that we’ll focus more on niche user experiences that provide more value to a specific group, rather than making experiences work for a general demographic."

Chris Reath