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How To Establish A Good Designer/Client Relationship

Communication is very important to ensure your designer/client relationship is successful. It is crucial that designer pays attention to the client's needs and wants, but also it is important that the client gives their designer everything they need to get the project done.

Time management is always important for the designer so it is helpful when the client gives their feedback efficiently. Giving feedback all at once saves the client and designer a lot time. If the designer has to keep revisiting the project to make changes then you will both lose time and money. The designer wants to give you the best design possible so they want to spend more of your time on the design than they do revisiting the project over and over again. That being said, a designer understands how important it is for you to be happy with the project and will gladly make changes to their design as requested.

It is also very helpful for the designer when the client is specific about their needs and wants. In order for the designer to produce something you are happy with, they need specific feedback. Giving vague feedback like “it needs something more” is not helpful to the designer. Be specific about what it is the design needs like changing the color or font.

Another key component to a good designer/client relationship is creating a timeline. If there is a date you need the design by, give the designer your timeline. Your designer is aware that there will most likely be revisions to the design so make sure to give them enough time to make the revisions by giving them feedback within a reasonable amount of time. When the client is not specific and gives several revisions, the timeline will likely drag out longer than intended.

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"Many people believe that great designers get great clients. It's the other way around."

Seth Godin