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Art is considered a way of human expression through a range of activities whether it be visual, performing or auditory, but can something still be considered art if it is created by a machine or computer? In a 2013 article written by Alex Hudson, the answer may be surprisingly yes. With technology ever changing, it’s no surprise that we would eventually come to creating a computer that can use algorithms to create original scores and even paintings.

Iamus is the first computer of its kind to be able to develop it’s own original score. Which was performed by the London Symphony, due to it’s ability to test several outcomes of notes, sounds, and timing to create a musical number. Not only that, there are other robotics that have been able to recreate masterpieces from Rembrandt to creating original work such as the EDAVID robotic arm has done.

While having the thoughts of robotics becoming possibly self aware and creating self-expression, is a daunting thought to some. When in all actuality it could help us grow and understand more of what creativity is. In a recent article by Katherine Noyes, creating a robot that can work as a real artist is still not perfected, and it still cannot create with a human touch.

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Rollo Carpenter