Creative Roots Marketing & Design - What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?

What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?

Screens are progressively becoming smaller as technology evolves. This evolution proposes new design challenges for graphic designers. They must be able to accommodate all different screen shapes and sizes while still achieving the same message. Instead of designing in a graceful degradation designers have embraced the progressive enhancement approach, designing for small to big screens rather than big to small screens.

Screens have gotten smaller due connivence purposes and to a high demand of information accessible at our fingertips. Designing your website to be mobile friendly is not just an intelligent marketing decision, it is now expected.

There are over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide. In the U.S., 25% of mobile Web users are mobile-only (they rarely use a desktop to access the web). With that statistic, the design layout for a desktop user should not to be forgotten. Neglecting to design for a desktop would be an extreme marketing flaw, the goal is to appeal and provide to as many clients as possible.

People are now on the go, being more active, and accomplishing new an exciting things. They need companies to be able to accommodate and accompany them on their adventure. That is the beauty of mobile first; providing products/services from wherever they go and end up.

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"Web design is responsive design. Responsive web design is web design, done right."

Andy Clarke