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Logo Modernization

Logos are one of the most important elements when establishing a brand or business. It is the first thing that is seen by potential clients or customers. Utilizing the latest design trends can improve the impact of your logo.

Some examples of newer design trends are simplicity in the font, style, and color, as well as minimalism. Companies have shifted their focus of their logos from intricate to simple designs. For example, Starbucks began with an intricate logo. Over 40 years their logo has evolved from this intricate design into a more simplified icon. Starbucks was able to do this while still retaining their corporate identity.

Another way logos can be modernized is by taking a three-dimensional design and making it appear more flat. Pepsi is an example of this modernization. Pepsi accomplished this without changing the total concept of the design.

Today’s developing technologies have made it a requirement that your logo be easily reproduced electronically. A simple and flat logo is more easily applied to many different forms of media, especially print. A modern logo design will ensure your company’s identity stays relevant.

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"Make it simple but significant."

Don Draper