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How To Get The Results You Want: Brand Guide 101

A successful and professional website, logo, even a business card all depends on the relationship established between the client and designer. You both must work as a team to create your vision to have your brand come to life. As a client, it would be beneficial to you and your brand to be descriptive on what you expect your final product to look like. If possible, it is highly recommended to have your designer create a Brand Style Guide. This guide will provide you and the designer with the necessary tools to make sure that your branding is consistent.

When creating a Brand Style Guide, you need to establish your overall Purpose or idea behind your brand. After describing your overall idea, establishing a Color Guide while providing the specific pantone number you are using in your branding, will ensure that you are using the correct color with your branding. Providing a Typography Guide will ensure that your typography is consistent throughout your branding.

Providing examples of Proper and Improper Usage of your logo will prevent any miscommunication in the future, making a quicker turn around time for future projects. A Photography Guide will provide your designer, and any other designers you work with, with the necessary stock images or images taken specifically for this project and the how to use the logo properly if placed directly on the image.

A style guide is crucial to the the branding and development of your company. It can be beneficial when you hire other designers to work on your advertising. Your style guide will teach them how to keep your branding consistent so that it looks like it was all designed by the same person.

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"Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room."

Jeff Bezos